8 Ways to Repurpose Your Content for Greater Visibility

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You’ve put in the hard work of creating quality content, and now it’s time to make sure as many people as possible see it. One way to do that is by repurposing your content into different formats so that it can be consumed in different ways.

Not only does this give you a greater chance of reaching more people, but it also allows you to recycle your content so that you can continue to produce fresh content on a regular basis. Here are 7 methods you can use to repurpose your content.

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1. Turn Your Blog Post into an Infographic

An infographic is a visual representation of data or information. They are highly shareable and can prop you to communicate complex information in a concise, easy-to-understand format. If you have a blog post that is packed with data or statistics, consider turning it into an infographic.

2. Create Reels

Instagram reels

Video is one of the most popular forms of content on the internet. People love watching videos because they are entertaining and easy to consume. If you have a how-to blog post, consider turning it into shorts/reels. You can use screen recording software to record yourself walking viewers through the steps outlined in your blog post. Or, if you’re feeling extra creative, you can create an animated video. This would also boost your insights and increase your brand visibility on Instagram.

3. Make an eBook


An eBook is a digital book that can be downloaded and read on any device. If you have a series of blog posts on the same topic, consider turning them into an eBook. You can compile your blog posts into a PDF document and add additional resources, such as images, infographics, or videos. Once your eBook is complete, make it available for download on your website or blog.


Here is a sample eBook, Ultimate Guide to Branded Content Marketing.


4. Develop a Webinar

A webinar is essentially a seminar that is held online. You can use your existing content to develop a webinar by adding additional information or expanding on certain topics. This is an effective avenue to generate leads and build your email list.

5. Create Social Media Posts

Instagram post example

Social media is all about bite-sized pieces of content, so why not take advantage of that by creating social media posts from your existing blog posts? You can do this by selecting quotes from the article or highlighting key statistics. Just be sure to include a link back to the original article so people can read more if they want to.

6. Write A Guest Blog Post

Guest post

If you have an article that would be relevant to another website’s audience, see if they’re open to publishing guest blog posts. This is a great method to get your name and your website in front of new people who might not be familiar with your brand.

7. Turn It Into a Podcast Episode

Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world of online content, and there’s no shortage of people who are looking for new shows to listen to. Consider turning it into a podcast episode if you have a blog post that would make for a great discussion!

8. Republish It On Medium

Medium profile

If you want to reach a whole new audience with your existing content, consider republishing it on Medium. This is especially effective if you have long-form articles or stories that would perform well on Medium’s platform.

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There are endless possibilities when it comes to repurposing your content. By getting creative and thinking outside the box, you can reach new audiences and get more mileage out of the content you’ve already created. So what are you waiting for? Start repurposing your content today!

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