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User behavior and customer journey audit

We analyze various user heatmaps within your current set up. If you’re new to customer analytics, then we’ll build you a process to monitor the customer journey and behavior on your pages.

We customize you an interactive, step-by-step funnel process to visualize the customer journey. That way, we ensure you’ll be prepared for any market changes.

Bolster Your Brand Identity Through

Studies show 58% more users convert when they trust a brand through third party content.

Improve Your SEO With

Depending on your objectives and budget, our branded content campaigns typically receive 3,000+ visits, 10K+ impressions in the first 7 days, and 1,000’s of visits over time.

Strategy Customization

We customize your strategy based on data-driven insights. Depending on your industry, current performance, and target audience, you’ll receive a robust plan to make the most of your marketing efforts.

We continuously optimize, update, and refresh your content for a small quarterly editorial fee to ensure you receive long-term benefits.

Increase Sales

Automate checkout processes with powerful integrations. Boost sales by up to 91% using Add-Ons & Upsells to sell your other products. Offer 1-time payments, subscriptions, and payment plans for the ultimate flexibility.

Are You Struggling With Any of These Areas?

We can help! Schedule your free strategy call to start planning and improving the online presence of your business. The sooner you schedule, the sooner you’ll start seeing performance increases across your site.

How it works

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Step 1 - Strategy Call

In our 30 minute discovery call, we overview your products and services. Then, we perform a quick audit on your site structure, customer persona, and ideal goals. From there, we discuss your next move.

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Step 2 - Campaign Analysis

After reviewing your current structure and goals, we’ll set up a quick plan. The plan establishes two key objectives to accomplish during our first 3 to 6 months of the campaign. You get final approval.

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Step 3 - Execution

With goals set up, our team gets to work. We’ll optimize and implement the agreed upon plan to get conversions and search engine rankings increased across your site.

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Step 4 - Evaluation

We monitor the performance across the site, noting potential improvements and expansions. By checking performance throughout the process, we can constantly adapt for the best results.

Industries We Work With

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Lifestyle industry

Our Work

We have 10 years of experience working with branded content. Here are some of our most successful projects.


Evergreen content is incredibly useful because it has staying power. By being evergreen – content is constantly freshed. It will keep generating value for your site for years to come!

A content audit is a process of reviewing your site and content to understand your current strategy, identify what’s working, and what isn’t. We use a suite of tools and performance metrics to get the best insights for your audit.

DoFollow links are ones that allow Google to point back to your website or blog. By obtaining more DoFollow links, Google will see your site as useful and rank you higher.
NoFollow links tell search engines not to follow the link back to your site, preventing you from getting SEO value.

Yes! Content is king for SEO. With our high-quality branded content strategy, you’ll establish your site as an authority in Google’s eyes. As a result, your search rankings will skyrocket.

DA stands for Domain Authority. Domain Authority is a scale between 1 and 100 for search engines to measure your site’s credibility relative to others in your industry. The higher the score, the better your search engine ranking.

DR stands for Domain Rating. This metric analyzes your link building efforts. If you have a robust link building strategy, your score will be higher. A lower score means a poor link building strategy or an overabundance of spam links.


With our work, we can increase your DA and DR to get your Google rankings higher.

A competitive analysis evaluates other competitors in your market niche. It overviews their ranking keywords, site traffic, and web vitals. It’s an essential part of building a strong SEO strategy because you can see what competitors are doing better than yourself.

Anchor text is the text that displays for a link. Most links won’t use the full website address, they’ll attach it to anchor text. That anchor text gives search engines constant for what you’re linking to and whether it includes keywords that should be ranked.

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