A discovery call with one of our experts will typically last about 15 minutes.  We use a variety of premium web tools to understand your current website ranking, your SEO score, and a multitude of other variables. This will give us a full scope of how we can help your website increase it’s key page factors such as search engine ranking, website speed, and content. 

Google and other search engines have crawlers that collect information about the pages that exist on your site, which helps them determine if your website contains the information the internet user is looking for.

With more than 200 ranking factors in Google’s algorithm, an SEO strategy is necessary if you want to get noticed among millions of websites competing for the same search terms. Google and other search engines are looking for specific information, such as:

  • Quality and quantity of your content
  • Page speed
  • Title tags and meta descriptions
  • Social shares
  • Backlinks and internal links

Technical SEO services are all about improving your website’s performance and enhancing the user experience, with both on-site, and off-site SEO.

We will go over our pricing packages on your discovery call. This depends on your niche, business, and SEO/Content needs. We offer once off packages for single articles/publications, and ongoing plans to cover all your digital marketing needs. 

We offer Paypal, and all major credit cards processed through Stripe. 

Yes! 100%. We can provide you with a published link to see the finished product, depending on whatever package you decide.

Yep! It’s also a great way to increase your numbers. From our research, having the expression “As seen on Top 500 News Sites” would almost immediately boost your conversion rates!

We are unable to approve content that contains offensive, objectionable, or illegal content. Unlike hundreds of our rivals, we do give and encourage endorsed posts with evergreen topics. Some of the heavy weapons, such as alcohol, are not allowed – however, some terms, such as sex, are. We also allow cryptocurrency!

If you include the content and publish it, it will take around 4 – 5 days; if you want us to write the content and then post it, it will take about ten days. This does not provide time for any requested changes.

We are proud to say that your content may be on some top 500 news sites like Inquirer, NBC, CBS, Yahoo, and more! Increased conversion of traffic into sales would benefit from enhancing the brand’s online credibility.

LeadAdvisors offers a range of unique features, such as anchor text optimization and dofollow links, that few of its rivals can match..

Unlike other competitors, we will not archive your content! LeadAdvisors provides various products to fit your business needs. Still, unlike hundreds of different PR distribution platforms, our premium branded content publications highlighting your company name, brand, or services will not be lost in Google search results.

Building a network of over 100 new sites from scratch will take months or years. We can do the leg work with quicker results. With LeadAdvisors, we can increase your domain authority, boost your social evidence and credibility, and give you search engine exposure for your brand almost immediately.

Millions of people using Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and other services now have access to your release. You’ve achieved search visibility, reached journalists, and gained media exposure. Your release has also been distributed on the world’s leading newswires and directly to media newsrooms.

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5 days if you want us to write the article then publish it. This does not include time for revisions if any are requested.

We only require 3 things: your website, the topic you want the article to be about, and 1-2 quotes that best describe your business. We’ll do the research to form your article with just that information.

We offer a full refund if your article is not published on Inquirer.net, or does not meet the terms of your agreement. 

We cannot offer a refund after your article has been published, since the article will have already gone through our full process of research, assigning a writer, and publication. 

No Problem, If there are certain edits that need to be made to make this article better for you. let us know and we will make sure we revise it until you like it.

Yes, 100% – These are crafted to bring you more traffic to your blog. This starts from beginning of topic validation.

if you have YOAST SEO installed, we will optimize it for you while we draft the article.

After publication, We manually submit your website and article to be crawled by Google, through their URL indexing tool. sometimes a few days and some days a few weeks. we will send you a report as soon as the post is completed.

we guarantee every post will be indexed, if you find it not after a few weeks, let us know and we will look into it for you.

No, you will not be able to rank your blog on competitive keywords on the first page of Google unless you have a high domain authority and several links, mentions back to your blog page

we’re able to help you rank your website on google search as long as you purchase our managed SEO services.

Technical SEO can provide multiple benefits for your business and customers. Firstly, it can increase your website traffic and amount of customers finding your site online. It will also help your site speed, and decrease your website bounce rate so that customers will continue to browse and not get frustrated when they are on your website. You’ll also be ensure that your content is up to date, and relevant to your audience – based on their search patterns and behaviours. There are many key variables that can determine the functionality and success of your website and conversion rates, but Technical SEO can help you provide a better user experience and online presence, which is key. 

Unlike other competitors, we will not archive your content! LeadAdvisors provides various products to fit your business needs. Still, unlike hundreds of different PR distribution platforms, our premium branded content publications highlighting your company name, brand, or services will not be lost in Google search results.