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We help creators like you earn a living online by building tools that help you grow your audience, connect with your true fans, and earn a living by selling digital products and services online.

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Generally, 2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an
online store. Retargeting brings back the other 98%.

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Paid advertising strategy

Paid Advertising Strategy

Schedule a free strategy call to reach your future customers with a remarketing strategy!

Paid Search Advertising

Google is the most visited website in the world with 45.41 billion total visits in November 2021 alone. That’s 3X more visits than Facebook and Instagram combined!

Social Media Advertising Strategy

Even though Facebook & Instagram have billions of users, you still need the proper integration and strategy to target relevant audiences. Building lookalike audiences from your existing customers will help you refine your targeting towards the right audience that will most likely be interested and convert to be your future customers.

Remarketing Stratedgy Plan

Retargeting allows you to remarket your potential buyers to paying customers as they come and leave your web site without any conversions. As these users leave your site and go through their other browsing sessions, they are served with your ads on other sites.

Programmatic Display Advertising

We will get your brand in front of relevant audiences by finding the best match media site worldwide. Whether it’s display ads, rotating billboard ads, or leader board ads with multi-device cross-channels.

You can expect significant results with 100% real visitors targeting a segmented audience.

How does paid search ads work?

Paid search strategy starts with intelligent market research and strategy. Schedule a free strategy call with us to maximize your potential!

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Here is how it’s done

Industry Planning & Keyword Research

Evaluate every detail of your industry and customer profiling with accuracy to create a campaign strategy that suits your customers and culture to grow your brand.

Custom Sales Funnel Strategy

We focus a lot of time audience segmentation and cultural targeting options, industry keyword and competitor research to reach your goals without wasting your budget

Tracking Code Installation

We install pixel, Google analytics and Google ads conversion tracking & events to supervise the performance of your campaign.

Creative Ad Copy Design

Create content that’s well-suited to your target audiences’ taste so you get more clicks and higher conversions.

Ad Campaign Setup

High-conversion ad campaign setup that provides real value to your customers, and more revenues to you.

Budget & Maintenance

Optimize keyword bids to get the most conversion out of your investment. Ad audience targeting optimization and, bidding know & how strategies

Reporting & Analytics

Comprehensive KPI reports on all important metrics, ROI with goal measurement, conversion rates,
clicks, views and events.

Display Advertising

LeadAdvisors will plan the display advertising to attract highly engaged customers and keep online visitors coming back to buy more.

Targeting & Strategy

Utilize contextual targeting along with lookalike targeting techniques will help you find people like your customers, place your brand where you more likely attract your ideal customers in similar categories or industries.

Display Ad Retargeting

makes new-visitors convert to regulars. Our display advertising campaigns will target the best ideal audience by age, gender, as well as by internet — sports, food, finance-to target more of them.

Track & reporting

you can track all results and use audience insights to review the performance of your campaigns.
Google analytics reporting, other reporting integrations are available depending on the use case.

Paid advertising ad generation

Reach your target audience now, or wait for them to find you?

It’s your call. But you know, waiting for your customers could be costlier in the long run.

What our clients says

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Who’s got time to wait for uncertain results? Not you. Not us either

Why wait for customers to magically stumble upon your brand if you can reach them right where they are?

Jumpstart your business right now with a free strategy call!


That will vary based on your industry and audience. For example, we’ve seen costs per click around $0.25 for a real estate agency, to upwards of $20 when running the same ads in a competitive market.

Google Ads is an advertising platform by the most widely-used search engine in the world. This produces results significantly faster than conventional methods.

Of course! There are 3 billion active social media users, so over 3 million businesses have used social media to cater to this broad market. Companies and clients frequently interact with one another, and we will make sure your brand dominates the discussion with the right platform, message, and angle!

We may provide the conversion rate you may get after our discovery call. Then, we will create a game plan based on your keyword target variations and the number of visitors to convert them into leads or sales.

We may provide the conversion rate you may get after our discovery call. Then, we will create a game plan based on your keyword target variations and the number of visitors to convert them into leads or sales.

You’ll see results right away! We use trackers that provide real-time updates about your online ads’ performance.

Paid advertising can become expensive if you don’t plan your budget, audience, and advertising thoroughly. Usually, Google AdWords need around $500 to $20,000 per month. We may help you build the best campaign and optimize performance based on your budget.

We will fill up a discovery questionnaire to cover your ad offers and industry competitors to further your advertising endeavors. You may think of us as a full-scale marketing department team that works with select similar companies that understand your business.

Simply, your account will be handled by our best account managers. We’ll assign one of our experts to familiarize ourselves with your business and report directly to our CEO to ensure quality score work.

We’ll accomplish a discovery call together before anything else, covering all your advertising goals. We’ll make sure to ask your approval before launching ads, and we’ll analyze target keywords comprehensively to tailor the best campaign for you.

You may, or we could have our pay-per-click campaign ads account manager create ones that fit your brand. Rest assured that we have the tools and expertise needed to make the most engaging content.

Of course! Our PPC management services will monitor your campaigns regularly and do all they can to produce results excellently. We constantly improve your campaign and make necessary adjustments when needed.

It’s your budget that goes directly to Google Ads. We’ll set an average daily budget for each Google Ad campaign. Then we’ll show your ads constantly until your budget is met.

We tell all our clients that our advertising strategy is not meant for short-term plans. That’s why we require no contracts. However, we proudly stand by our integrity and expertise to quality.

We don’t offer long-term contracts, and instead, we trust our work by delivering results. We will build your own advertising account with Google Ads. We will integrate analytics for your paid advertising and your website traffic. Everything is all yours! The best is to provide you a custom quote to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need for your business and brand.

Yes, everything is all yours since we charge setup fees but offer no contracts. Similar to a full-fledged marketing team, we will produce remarkable results. We guarantee it!

Yes, and it includes an in-depth analysis of your landing page, complete discovery of your business, and other aspects of advertising. We need 4 to 5 hours to set it up, and daily monitoring and everything we build is ultimately yours.

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