What to Know When Creating Landing Pages

Companies with effective landing pages are 12 times more likely to get leads. As the most critical element of the process, landing pages can help you turn a target audience of visitors into potential customers.

Moreover, you may lead them to more conversions and facilitate conversion at a higher rate. Here’s our tip sheet.

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4 Key Components of A Landing Page

They need to follow specific guidelines we have determined based on years of split testing to ensure our pages generate leads and the highest conversion rate.

All of our pages adhere to these guidelines:


Building your brand is paramount to the success of any business. We only use brand-focused images. We also create a clutter-free space so your CTA is top-of-mind.


More landing pages work, not textbooks. We keep the copy short to keep our online advertising action-orientated, and we want users to be focused on your unique selling proposition.

Headlines / CTAs

We choose POWERFUL headlines that are specific and action-orientated. Furthermore, our call to action or CTAs uses BIG buttons and contrasting colors to the rest of the blog post to draw as much attention as possible.


The landing page design follows your brand’s identity. We keep the page consistent with your brand and create a clutter-free environment focused on user actions. Bullet points and form fields are great ways to collect data in a more organized marketing funnel.

You can expect significant results with 100% real visitors targeting a segmented audience.

What Makes a Well-Optimized Landing Page?

Great landing page best practices are where all the pre-sales efforts come to fruition into more sales. Companies that use lead-generation landing pages for their digital marketing efforts on their marketing campaigns are 12 times more likely to get leads than those businesses that don’t.

Conversion Rates of Your Own Landing Page

What’s a good conversion rate for a whole landing page? Every industry needs a different landing page to have a good conversion rate. The best way to find out the kind of page your business needs is by conducting A/B testing. You can also ask future customers about the kind of other web pages that interest them.

View A Live Demo of Our Top Landing Page Templates

Here are a few examples of exactly what a powerful landing page can look like. Successful landing pages like these below drive traffic, attract prospective customers, lead data, and convert visitors into potential customers.

Why A Good Landing Page Optimization Matters

A type of landing page is important because it determines whether people take the actions you want them to take. This optimizes your ad dollars, makes you relevant on popular search engines, and gives you a better return on your investment.

People viewing your lead capture page are more likely to click on something that catches their eye, so it’s important to have an eye-catching image for your high-converting landing page. Sometimes, this means taking advantage of photo editing programs, like Photoshop.  Other times, it just means using a clear and relevant image.

These templates listed above can help you save time while also producing an aesthetically pleasing robust landing site when using these best practices.

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