How to Use a Retargeting Campaign to Attract Customers

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What is Retargeting?

Retargeting converts potential clients into active customers. Only around 2% of shoppers buy something on their first visit, so most businesses miss out on a whopping 98%. 

Target people and make sure you never miss out on any share of the customer base.

Retargeting keeps track of people who land on your site and serves ads of yours when they go to other sites.

How does Retargeting work?

retargeting-workIt’s as simple as placing a JavaScript tag in your website’s footer.

The code lists people who visited your site, installing anonymous cookies in their browsers.

This allows retargeting vendors like AdRoll to display ads to potential customers and drive traffic as they browse other sites.

Why retargeting is so effective?

retargeting-effectiveTypes of retargeting yield high click-through rates, the number of times website visitors browse, and conversion rates, highlighting the value of intelligent branding and continued exposure. 

Retargeting ads continually remind your potential customers about your product as they browse the net. As a result, this spreads the word about your brand. It increases the likelihood of enticing them to return and purchase your product page.

How is retargeting done right?


How you perform retargeting campaigns depends on your products’ interests and visitors’ characteristics when you visited your website. 

You may aim your retargeting efforts effectively by classifying your visitors and showing them the relevant ads. More importantly, you should promote an offer with a clear and concise call to action.

Depending on your product or service, you must time your advertisements, much like a Facebook ad. For example, if your customers are shopping for a trip, you should show them ads immediately. On the other hand, people searching for luxury goods should receive ads at a later time.

Why us?

Because you need expertise, and we can provide it.

For over ten years, LeadAdvisors has assisted businesses to take their direct marketing to new heights. 

Our entire advertising agency & marketing consultancy firm provides a synergy between online advertising and social media marketing. This approach offers an exciting environment for online sales funnels that adapts to the latest social media and search engines.


We at LeadAdvisors prefer that you use your existing domain. We’ll need your login information to move your site from your old host to a new one if you want to use a new domain.

We usually use content clients already have, but we will be glad to make new ones for you. We provide content creation packages starting at $499.

We will do so upon completing the campaign setup. Since our services and your growth are dynamic, results may show within 12 to 24 hours.

You are free to assign several monthly updates that include maintenance fees. We recommend monthly rates as these are more cost-effective than hourly alternatives

In return for monthly payments, we provide personal maintenance and optimization. Real people will manage your campaign, unlike competitors that use automated bots to engage with your customers. We guarantee excellent results even without a long-term contract.


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