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Welcome to our academy. My name is Anthony, and I am the marketing director. Thank you for taking the time to go through our eBook today. I will guide you in focusing on your priorities to make the right decisions for your financial future!

If you’re a marketing rep, we both know it isn’t easy. After all, you’re the most important part of the business sales funnel. That’s why you must understand its underlying process well, from the “Interest” to a “Close.”

As you take on that role, you have to commit to being the most important aspect of the business sales funnel. It’s instrumental for any large or small enterprise in the 21st century, and you will determine others’ first impressions of the company. You are the first point of contact for customers before communicating with Senior Sales or an Account Manager.

While you’re not selling products, you are preparing and qualifying leads!

In this article, I aim to explain the process of making the right choices for your career. Rather than striving to earn more, I want to shift your focus on career goals and elaborate on how this process can further them.

As a marketer, are you up for the challenge?

As long as you find passion in the marketing industry, experience in outbound lead generation, and keep thatMamba Mentality within, you can achieve no matter what. Thank you again for reviewing this info, and I promise to help you reach your aspirations. Moreover, we believe that your skills and talent will take our company soaring to new heights.

You’re not selling a product, but you are preparing and qualifying the leads!

In this article, I am focused on explaining the process of what to do exactly so you can make the right choice in your career. I want you to focus on what you want in your career first, other than making great money, and I want to give you a brief explanation of how this process has been designed to help you and your future.

As a marketer, are you up for the challenge?

Regardless of your experience, as long as you find passion in the marketing industry and have experience in outbound lead generation and aMamba Mentality,” we are confident we can get you there. I am committed to helping you achieve your goals, and I want to thank you for your time reviewing this information. We believe that you can use your skills and talent in making our company reach new heights.

Connect To Endless Opportunities

Trailblazing innovation, connecting millions

At LeadAdvisors, we are committed to greatness daily with our groundbreaking products and services driven by ambitious ideas and even more competitive thinkers.

And we’re just getting started.

Let’s explore the career possibilities, and together, we’ll make an impact on millions worldwide.

Discover opportunities beyond boundaries and find career for life.


Our responsibility for you transcends compensation. We go the extra mile to help your needs and facilitate your growth. What’s more, we would like to share our success with you by offering the LeadCoin stock option (LCSO).

We believe people are the investments that reap the best dividends. We start by building on your existing qualifications, following the best training processes in the world. Then, we offer state-of-the-art “training on-demand” in leadership and learning, allowing you to take charge of your education.

To further polish the program, we use a 360° appraisal system that considers suggestions for overall development. With this open-minded approach, we guarantee your position is granted fairly through merit and nothing else.


We provide comprehensive career tracks for all employees.

They may check the ones available to give flexibility in a job application that suits their goals. We offer various opportunities in key business divisions such as enterprise solutions, finance solutions, produce marketing solutions, technology services, web development, and more!

We keep a Life-Work ethos that makes us distinct from other companies.

Our pride, passion, and integrity stand at the core of our everyday work. LeadAdvisors is an ideal workplace, driven by the joy of technological innovations, pride in one’s work, and overall transparency. Our commitment to social responsibility and human values have been crucial to our ongoing success story.

As a part of the LeadAdvisor family, we hope to share these qualities with you as well.

Why you are essential as a marketer

Our partners and sales teams depend on you to build them the pipeline they need for success. We will give you the best products as part of our team, but we also need your commitment and consistency.

Why do customers need us?

They need to benefit from us, meaning their companies show one or more of these characteristics:

1. They want more sales, but they lack opportunities in their pipeline.

2. Their sales are so complex that it requires tremendous work from their sales representatives. They may have to traverse elaborate businesses or bypass several gatekeepers, leaving little time for prospecting.

3. They are attempting to expand, so they are researching information on untapped markets.

4. They need to adjust their sales process to increase interactions and feedback with a broad spectrum of prospects.

Our next marketer could be YOU.

However, you must possess integral characteristics to become our next best top agent. We will help you draw your dreams and goals within arms’ reach if the qualities below apply to you.

A Need for Achievement 
– This is manifested by the drive to strive towards a goal tirelessly. In fact, it is exemplified by the late Kobe Bryant’s journey to greatness. Due to his years of success, he has earned so much that he may just stay where he was. However, he sustained the mentality of an aspiring rookie by practicing intensely. He didn’t crave approval. A trait discouraged for most sales positions.

Competitiveness is the unrelenting drive to outperform and the uncompromising will to win beyond the work environment. However, it isn’t the bullish insistence to concede in a game of Monopoly, nor is it the reckless outlook of seeing everything as a competition. Competitiveness is distinct from athleticism.

Optimism – This is the often ignored motivator of inside sales successes. An outbound generation rep deals with rejection regularly, no matter his role or responsibilities. They never throw a fit and sulk in a corner after hearing complaints from prospects. Instead, they shrug it off, find the next number on the list, then continue calling.

How the Process Works

We formulate effective and measurable campaigns to generate leads for customers.

Based on the needs of our clients, we conduct comprehensive market research.

Our focus is on facilitating our clients’ marketing and support needs, providing them peace of mind for the businesses. We offer a range of services, from outbound dialing to virtual assistant support.

We partner with our clients as we plan their marketing with the utmost integrity and consistent results.

Our passion for analyzing data, targeting prospects, and online marketing has elevated us to greater heights. This is why outbound lead generation is highly crucial to businesses in attracting more customers.

We want your career to soar proudly by accepting you as an extension of our company.

We identify your targets on our marketing lists for better conversions.

Success screen icon

Capturing Leads

We understand our intended clients!

Success screen icon

Qualifying Leads

Then, we qualify them!


Nurturing Leads

We cultivate unqualified leads to schedule follow-up appointments.

Our Values

The promising growth of any company is in a unified commitment to excellence and corporate values. As such, we strive for values in our foundation’s core, manifested in all our campaign and marketing plans.


We highly regard our commitment to striving for the highest quality. After all, we focus on solutions and gauge risks, but we never hesitate to take them on. As such, we take responsibility for our actions and accept their consequences no matter what.

Team Work

We develop our teams and their members as they transcend their differences to achieve common goals. We unify our insights and skills, leveraging them to provide quality for our clients and associates.


We believe that our reputation is our most valuable asset.

We are visionaries who uphold our ethics, performance, and behavior to high standards in all aspects of conducting business. Yet, we remain grounded in reality by leading through an example with our teams.


We make it a point to diligently inform our associates, sharing info among our audiences in the proper, accurate, and transparent manner. What’s more, we promote an open environment where all suggestions, issues, and inquiries are given utmost respect and courtesy.


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