Call Tracking Technology

Call tracking tech

Call tracking technology is a valuable tool that can help you determine what leads are converting and which ones aren’t. It also helps you discover the best day of the week or real-time of day for your company.

Call tracking technology is an important investment because it saves so much money on advertising and marketing campaigns.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

The service provider captures the number of each person who calls a business. After that, it logs this information and sends reports to your company so you can see which marketing campaigns are profitable or not. Call tracking also allows companies with multiple lines to monitor how their numbers perform without using several different ledgers for analysis purposes.

Call tracking technology is beneficial because it provides data on call length, keywords searched before contacting the company, time zone conversions, toll-free rates, and more! This way, businesses know what they’re doing wrong regarding advertising, leading them closer to success!

In short: Call tracking saves money by helping marketers identify key trends about incoming calls like conversion rates from specific media channels. It’s important to keep in mind the conversion intelligence, offline marketing, and keyword level you want your content to have.


For marketers who want to grow their lead generation, there’s CallerReady.

CallerReady is the world’s most powerful pay-per-call platform.

Make CallerReady your platform for all your business calls.


When it comes to call data and call tracking technology, we definitely do better!

Let us help you engage with interested customers via SMS, email, instant message, or phone call. In addition, we provide Virtual on Internet Protocol (VoIP) services so that you can handle more phone communication.

We offer tracking calls and home services, so you can have better insight into who’s interested in your products and services.


With CallerReady, you’ll never miss a call online and offline.

CallerReady offers 24/7 integrated support for tiers of competitive call distribution and other features such as IVR options, toll-free, next-level call tracking, scheduling IVR, intelligent abandonment, and queued automated callbacks even with unique numbers.


There’s a better way to spend on marketing strategies and marketing efforts. With CompleteTrackabilitysm you’ll know exactly what your optimal budget should be for minimal spending and maximum returns!


Whether you’re selling calls or closing sales, you need a fully customizable sale CRM.

Thankfully, there’s CallerReady CRM to provide that flexibility you need to drive your sales process.


Integration for multiple platforms

We know our clients use numerous platforms and marketing channels.

To enable our customers to use our services, we offer integration for previous and later systems. So if you need to coordinate data into a new system or your company’s own, we can definitely do it for you!

Leads are almost impossible to secure

Leads frequently put down their phones after a few hours because they usually don’t expect 15 phone calls in 10 minutes. If you’re using call tracking software and technology, you can see which of your leads are the most engaged — and then focus on them!

Cold transfers and blind calls can feel harsh and rude, ruining customer experience.

We, at LeadAdvisors, use a more effective and friendly approach that can be web-based.

Instead, our agent brings us up to speed with the client’s concerns, then informs the caller regarding the transfer. Warm transfer calls and inbound calls convey to customers your company’s dedication to customer service, assuring conversion.




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