Instagram For Business – Best Practices for Sharing Content on Instagram

Instagram for business

Instagram For Business? Instagram is the best social media platform to discover new brands and trends. Its algorithm prioritizes blog posts in specific ways, and two of these factors are especially relevant to social media marketers.

The first factor is Interest. Your ad interests are based on a combination of factors, including who you follow, the kinds of blog posts or articles you like or comment on, share, and other platforms and apps you share from your website. Since Instagram is part of Facebook, it pulls data from there too.

The second factor is Timeliness. Said, there is a priority for more recent content over older content on your website.

The main takeaway for brands is a need to be sharing content that engages regularly.

Create Authentic Posts on Social Media

Create Authentic Posts on Social Media

Experts say that only 20% of your content should be promotional when you plan your content calendar. The rest should be focused on telling your brand’s story to share with the world and industry.

A popular way to do this is by sharing content with your company’s employees at work. This is a great way to humanize your brand while also giving your followers and potential customers a behind-the-scenes share of the inner workings of your brand.

Remember to post photos and videos which present your targeted audience with a visual experience. Your customers want to have an experience when they purchase your products or services on your website.

What they are not looking for are boring images of products. When sharing content, please give them a compelling visual experience that excites them to visit your website and increase traffic.

It is also vital to stay updated on your industry’s current affairs. Any news that affects your audience should be on your radar so you can start sharing content about it promptly. Being at the fore of these updates shows your fans and users that you understand their needs and wants.

Produce Micro-Content on Blog Posts

Microcontent refers to written copy, images, or videos consumed in 10 to 30 seconds or less. You want to go for this type of content because the average reader’s attention span is just 8 seconds, which is statistically worse than a goldfish’s.

As an Instagram marketer, it is critical to catch people’s attention right there and then. To fulfill this massive need for shareable content on social media and your platform, one tip is to film as much as you can in one day and create dozens of content from this media platform.

However, even though there is an emphasis on creating volumes and traffic of content, this can never compromise the quality of your blog posts or articles. Sharing content on a specific platform must always bring value to your groups of users.

One trick is to share Instagram’s “Carousel” feature to combine photos and videos into a single post. This feature effectively creates the visual story you are going for without overwhelming viewers or readers with multiple positions.

Pour Effort into Captions on a Blog Post

Pour Effort into Captions on a Blog Post

Though Instagram is primarily visual, you must pour in a lot of effort to craft captions with the right tone and deliver the message you want to provide. Remember that captions are the space to let your brand’s personality shine.

Generally speaking, an Instagram caption has three parts:

  1. A short description of what is going on in the photo

  2. A call to action. This open-ended question encourages your groups of users to engage with the post by sharing. This part has to be pertinent and specific to the post, and there is no one-size-fits call to action. Loyal followers are almost always eager to reply, and you have to engage them with the right questions.

  3. Pertinent hashtags. Instagram allows you to follow hashtags and lets you monitor the activity of your own branded hashtags. Take note that you typically need only one or two in your caption.

It is better to hide them at the end of the post using line breaks if you need more. You can also write these other hashtags in the comment section.

You should also create a list of your successful hashtags. Separate them by category based on the type of content you post. This can help increase your engagement, enabling it to get prioritized by Instagram, sometimes through a form.

And speaking of digital engagement, the work continues well after sharing content. Manage your engagement by replying to comments positively and authentically.

When to Publish Content Marketing

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The best time for sharing content on Instagram varies and must be contextualized. For example, try posting outside work hours when users are less busy and more likely to be scrolling their feeds.

However, it is still best to conduct your online experiments to see the window hours that your particular audience engages the most.

Instagram Business Accounts can access their “Insights,” a fantastic analytics tool that shows when your audience is online. Leverage this data to make an effective content schedule that leaves less to chance.

Other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have a similar feature as well. As far as the piece of content you are trying to promote. These platforms should help you as far as traffic and other analytics.

In addition to informing you when sharing content is best, Insights also shows you your audience’s demographics. This tool will share details such as their age, location, and gender with you.

Make a digital strategy based on these details to tailor your content marketing better. Also, since Insights tells you your top-performing posts or an article, you can become informed on the type of content your audience engages with the most for a future blog post.

Content Creation Hacks


Once you want to share content, it becomes easier to become more familiar with Instagram. But to save you real-time experimenting, here are some content creation hacks that you can share with your brand today.

Content mapping

Try Googling any keyword related to your brand, business, niche, and audience’s interests. For example, if you are a business coach, you are likely interested in successful mindsets. Try Googling “mindset habits” and see all the search results that come up. These are all personal ideas for you to when people share content on Instagram.

A Chrome extension called Keywords Everywhere can share entire digital lists of relevant keywords related to a search. These keywords are all great starting points for when people share content.

Also, try clicking one of the keywords that comes up and connecting articles on the search results page. Go down to where they link their social sharing media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

These platforms provide valuable information on the kinds of content that generate high engagement SEO in your niche and inform you how to put your spin on it.


Outsourcing content

It may seem like a huge step to pay someone to help you share content, especially when you are just starting out and not making significant revenues yet. However, as your brand and personal business build more awareness on a blog, it makes more authority and importance.

Having someone focused solely on content sharing is a way to safeguard this growth. As content creation is undoubtedly time-consuming, outsourcing a community eases up your plate of responsibilities so that you can focus on other aspects of your brand and your business.


Creating content sharing and digital marketing is an efficient way to manage your content creation as important. This goes for Instagram, a blog, and even the other social media channels that you use.

For example, instead of stressing out every day on captions, why not dedicate time to making a pool or community of captions?

You can do this by writing and sharing entire online batches of captions ahead of time before actually sharing content on Instagram.

You can also do photoshoots every quarter. This would give you high-quality content that can tide you over for a few months. It also benefits you from staying in the creative zone by working and sharing a creative task every day.

Doing so helps consistency in your high-quality content and is a better strategy than jamming creative endeavors just once a week.


The content curation that you repurpose is based on the engagement through SEO it received. For example, after sharing your content on Instagram or Facebook, a post or an article gets considerable attention. You can repurpose it and create video content on Facebook or even a live stream on Twitter that utilizes the same elements and captions.

Did you know that many significant social influencers on Instagram take their most popular captions and use them on different posts? They do this maybe once or twice a week, and that same caption successfully reaches new audiences and becomes a significant driver of engagement. This helps with the marketing side and gains a community with your customers.

Similarly, if you have a video that generated lots of engagement, you can use snippets in your Instagram Stories or even make entirely new posts about it. This is precisely like the micro-content mentioned earlier made from macro content people share on a marketing side.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, sharing content on Instagram is both an art and a science. By dedicating time to know your audience and creating content by sharing and speaking to them via marketing, you can build a brand or your business owners with awareness and loyalty among your most engaged users and potential customers.

Use the onboard tools of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to know who follows you and their needs. Use the many free tools and tips available to you to gain great content ideas and execute them in batches.

This is proven to be efficient and boosts your creativity to help you keep sharing content that is relatable, relevant, or shares the importance and is on-brand every single time.


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