How to Create a Landing Page That Converts

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How to create landing pages is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Without these, your site’s marketing campaign could be in vain. Ignoring it can even jeopardize your site’s Google analytics.

Their presence is profound to help conversion rate optimization, supporting business goals, generating insights, and creating a call to action.

Accomplishing the above benefits is not as easy as typing them down on your computer screen. A lot of research, strategy, and dedication is involved in achieving a successful marketing campaign through a website.

That is where our proficient team at Mail Chimp enters to support you with your goals. Our guide on how to create a landing page is perfect for every business.

We aim to provide you with a perfect layout for creating some of the best landing pages. Or, if you like to try out our digital marketing techniques yourself, you can do that too.

Whatever you choose, you are bound to get our full support in creating a great landing page for your website.

Why Creating A Landing Page Requires Professional Guidance?

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You might have been building websites or applying various SEO techniques for some time. It is also possible that you might be a beginner.

Either way, you need to improve your skills for converting landing pages into a platform for attracting potential customers.

Mail Chimp developed a practical guide to deal with it for you. Our professional guidance will be suitable for you in every way possible.

Highlight the CTA Link or Button

Call to Action

Call to action is essential on your landing page for converting the readers into actual customers. Multiple links (ingoing and outgoing) can be hard for a reader to find the CTA link or button. Mail Chimp ensures the right strategy to help the call to action stand out amongst all other links.

Many experts even claim that choosing the right color for the CTA button can bring in more engagement. We have tested this in several case studies. Creating an eye-catching landing page through our expert guidance will be worth it!

Be Direct With the Objectives

A > B

Some landing pages try to gain the trust of the readers through long stories. But, in reality – such talks are just irrelevant and boring.

People came to your webpage as they were looking for a solution to their problem. If you do not direct them to the solution in a few words, they might not want to stay there for long.

While developing a landing page, every website page must answer the questions in the mind of the readers.

Without proper answers to motivate them, their presence on your webpage is useless. We ensure that the content on your landing pages is relevant to their needs.

Avoid A Monotonous Layout

Landing pages that convert

Another issue that landing pages face is a monotonous design with limited images or infographics. This lack of creative content leads to repulsive content.

Engagement from the readers is much less in such a case. That is why you need to choose our help in creating the perfect landing pages.

Our content will include appropriate images, infographics, graphs, social media links, and more so that your visitors can stay connected to you for a longer time.

Our techniques help online marketers reduce the bounce rate on your website landing pages will increase your chances of lead generation.

Add Testimonials for Supporting Your Product Or Service

Landing pages that convert

Without evident proof that your product or service was beneficial for your customers, the visitors on your website may not look forward to reaching out to you. That is why we always encourage you to add testimonials to your landing pages.

While creating a landing page, you must add genuine testimonials to give potential readers a clue about your successful service or product. If they find that others are benefiting from it, they would want to try it for themselves.

The key to successfully converting landing pages to profitable customers is possible only when you plan to implement the right strategy for your web pages.

Maybe you do not have the time to do it yourself, so Mail Chimp would love to be of assistance in providing you with the perfect layout for a successful marketing campaign.

Feel free to reach out to us or go through the website to learn our helpful guide on creating a landing page. With our stepwise landing page builder approach, you will surely see growing results for helping your business. You can also join our email list for all updates.

Last Edited July 9, 2021.


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