Can You Advertise CBD on Facebook?

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A growing number of prominent businesses have realized their potential in a CBD Marketing Strategy and alternatives to Advertise CBD on Facebook.

As CBD gains fame amongst consumers, a growing number of prominent businesses have realized their potential in CBD-based products.

Cannabidiol (CBD) – an element found in the cannabis plant-proves to be a successful drug in anxiety and pain management.

As a result, businesses have diversified into producing CBD-based products, encouraging entrepreneurs to move in the same direction.

Some of the leading digital media platforms for product advertisements include Facebook, Google, Instagram, Amazon, and Snapchat. However, most of these have certain advertising restrictions.

But one may ask, can you advertise CBD and hemp on Facebook and Instagram? Some might even ask if can you sell CBD on Facebook?

Sadly, Mark Zuckerberg does not authorize paid CBD advertising for CBD products on his website. CBD Facebook ads are hard to come by. Therefore, CBD businesses face difficulty in advertising products on their own, especially with Facebook ads.

Successful CBD Advertising Tips

This problem was found by promoting a business using organic content, search engine optimization (SEO) marketing, earned media, and interactive websites.

These websites allow user-generated content through review and ratings. However, these channels have become overcrowded.

This leads to fewer chances to grow and lower the success rate for the acquisition of clients.

For efficiency and wider share in the consumer market, contract an agency with expert content marketers to market your CBD. Continue reading to learn 6 successful CBD advertising tips for your company.

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Influencer Marketing

Advertise on FacebookIn influencer marketing, your targeted audience is fans of an influencer. It works like this: an influencer promotes your product in their forums, and then your product is promoted to a larger audience. This form of CBD advertising can be extremely successful as people follow the follower.

The trust they place on the influencer makes them feel obliged to follow whatever the influencer suggests. However, choosing the right influencer is the key to success. Sometimes a small influencer but well connected to its viewers can help generate higher demand.

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Affiliate Marketing

Advertise on Facebook

CBD advertising can be done by making use of an affiliate marketing strategy to increase the customer base.  A CBD brand owner works with an ‘affiliate’ to generate traffic or leads for its hemp-derived CBD product through this method.

The hired affiliate has a wide network of people that can become prospective clients. He then promotes the hemp-derived CBD products via email, blog, website, or social accounts.

Advertisements in the form of text CBD ads, video clips, or images are used to attract the audience, redirecting a successful lead to the CBD brand’s website. 

An affiliate earns a percentage commission on each lead that turns into sales. Therefore, for a long-term profitable situation, CBD companies must have a strong retention strategy.

This means the ability to keep up with existing customers for the future. A conversion strategy is also important to turn visitors into customers that are likely to provide substantial profits in the future.

Native Advertising

Native advertising

A promising online strategy to make people aware of your product is through Native Advertising.

Native advertising uses paid ads according to the tone, outlook, and function of the website’s original content and is non-intrusive.

When the visitor clicks on the link, they are redirected to the website that sells or can advertise CBD products. Ads will come mostly as sponsored content under recommended for your tagline without disrupting your flow of work.

Content Syndication

Advertise on Facebook

This method allows publishing your content on the relevant third-party website. This is a two-way relationship.

One way the CBD brands are getting free publicity for their products. While on the other hand, the third-party website gets free relevant content for their website.

Just like native advertising, the content shall appear near or below similar articles, likely to generate an audience for you. Thus, it is a good way to increase the customer base organically.

Podcast Ads

CBD Marketing Strategy

CBD companies can leverage podcasts as an effective means of marketing among podcast listeners.

The main responsibility is to create engaging podcasts that support their content and then market effectively to attract consumers.

Out of Home

CBD Marketing Strategy

Of all the marketing strategies laid down for you, this is the most convenient but effective today.

Home advertising is basically marketing your media on billboards, transport vehicles, street furniture like bus stands, and telephone booths outside their homes.

Indeed it is likely to cater to a much larger audience but has its own drawbacks. Most importantly, it is expensive, and even then, billboards cannot provide a detailed version of your product details and need support from other digital platforms.


To sum up, the CBD industry continues to grow even with limitations imposed by major social media platforms. 

Success is mainly in paid advertising, helping out in attracting a greater audience, turning them into customers, and successfully generating high returns to investment through brand awareness. This can all be through online platforms wanting to advertise CBD products.

Disclaimer: According to bills like the Farm Bill in 2018, hemp-derived CBD products (with less than 0.3 percent THC) are permitted on the federal level but are still banned under some state laws. 

Check the laws of your home state as well as the laws of any country you visit. Keep in mind that CBD products sold without a prescription are not approval by the FDA.


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