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Using social media to brand your business isn’t groundbreaking anymore. Been there, done that? But although social is still important for branding and generating buzz, it’s increasingly used for lead generation.

At Lead Advisors, we’ve found that tapping into social media channels can transform your lead generation efforts.

Social Media for Lead Generation Power Tips

  1. Don’t take yourself too seriously

  2. Organic isn’t enough on its own; don’t be afraid to pay to boost your presence

  3. Focus on valuable content and solid offers

  4. Create strong calls-to-action (CTAs)

  5. Always add value

  6. Never forget that social is a two-way street

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Social marketing is shifting away from company-to-buyer marketing and toward influence marketing.

Need proof? A recent Forrester survey found that only 20% of buyers believe what a brand says about itself because people view any brand-to-buyer communication as an advertisement. Conversely, 70% of buyers trust the recommendations of their friends and family.

When people learn about your brand through social, it allows you to turn those “Likes”  into leads. By adding social elements to your campaigns, you empower customers, prospects, and fans to become brand advocates.

Leveraging the power of peer-to-peer communication delivers no- or low-cost brand lift and increased brand authenticity. Because your audience’s peers have nothing to gain by recommending a product, peer-to-peer word of mouth is one of the most credible forms of “advertising”.

Facebook and Instagram


Facebook and Instagram boast the largest user base of any social network, so you must have a presence there. Formerly dismissed by marketers as too “personal” for business correspondence, it’s become an increasingly common way to deliver messages. With more than 2.13 billion users and many opportunities for paid advertisements, Facebook is a critical element of any lead generation campaign.

Contagious Content

So what works on Facebook & Instagram for lead generation? The key is to strike a balance between offering valuable content for brand positioning and offering fun and shareable content on social channels. If you can show value to your followers, your lead generation efforts can have a true network effect.

At Lead Advisors, we are always experimenting with different types of ads, new content, and eye-catching visuals. We’ve found that to generate leads on Facebook & Instagram successfully, you need:

  1. Compelling messages

  2. Eye-catching visuals

  3. Mass audience appeal and shareability

  4. A clear CTA

While this is only the tip of the iceberg for social and lead generation, this should give you the push needed to take your social lead generation strategy much more seriously. If you don’t want to go it alone and need professional help, please reach out to us at 949-449-4441.


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