5 Tips On How To Rank Your Website With Evergreen Content

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Always fresh and relevant, that’s what evergreen content is all about. It’s a usual tactic for content marketing strategies, and it’s easy to see why. If you do it right, your content can help your website rank for months or even years. Of course, creating evergreen content requires takes a lot of research, time, and effort.

You can’t just let your evergreen articles do all the work after publishing them. You have to monitor your evergreen article from time to time and see if it still drives traffic, and it must keep on helping you rank high on search rankings to drive organic traffic. Staying relevant is the key, so you will have to update your content when necessary. 

First, we will discuss why evergreen is highly important in earning a high rank on search engines. Then, we will talk about how you can create evergreen posts yourself. After creating content, we will provide some tips on how to promote them. We’ll also show how you can monitor your blog posts, so you can update them quickly if needed.

What Is Evergreen Content and Why Should I Use It?

Evergreen content infographic

The term “evergreen content” came from the idea of a plant that never wilts. The leaves are always fresh, just like the blog posts with this format. 


They’re “evergreen” because they cover topics that people will always check. It doesn’t matter if a new trend comes along, and people will look for them whenever. 


This is great for content marketing because every piece of content can always generate search volume. As a result, your website benefits in the following ways:


  1. Become a reliable source – Blog posts like this are meant to provide useful information to your customers. As they rely on your valuable insights, they grow to like your brand. Eventually, this could help you generate leads and gain new customers.
  2. Builds your website – Content is one of the major building blocks of a website. Evergreen articles let you build yours in a way that makes sense to search engines. In turn, you’re more likely to appear on the top search results. 
  3. Domain authority – Otherwise known as DA, it’s a metric that gauges how well you perform on search engine rank pages (SERPs). One of the main methods of boosting it is through publishing high-quality content. 
  4. Gather links – As you post more content, more people are likely to link to them. Eventually, other websites may become new channels for organic traffic.

Gain everlasting value – Evergreen posts should last a long time, meaning they will likely build more traffic in the long term. This means an article could become more valuable to your brand the longer it stays.

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How do I Create Evergreen content?

How do I write evergreen content?

You now know why you need to create content that is always relevant. Now, let’s see how you can make evergreen content for your content marketing strategy. Start by looking for evergreen topics that your customers want:


  • Check the frequently asked questions (FAQs) from your customers and readers.
  • Figure out what newbies want to know about your industry.
  • See which questions you can turn into guides or tutorial articles. 
  • Start with the broader topics, then narrow down to the specifics.


For example, you have a blockchain company, and you want to talk about cryptocurrencies. You may discuss specific trends like tokenization or crypto examples like Chia coin (XCH) in a blog post.


You should avoid certain subjects when writing evergreen content. Look at the topics you’ve found, and see if they match these examples of non-evergreen topics:


  • News articles
  • Seasonal events
  • Stats or reports that are likely to change
  • Focusing on a fad that will likely go out of date


There are so many other steps you have to follow. That’s why we assigned separate sections for the other steps. Perform these next steps after you’ve found topics you would like to discuss.

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1. Look for Ranking Keywords.

Keywords graphic


You will have to perform keyword research on your chosen topics. This will help you apply search engine optimization (SEO), ensuring your evergreen content tops search results.


This means your topic should meet the following criteria: high search volume, positive trend, and consistent search intent. Let’s take a closer look at each one:


  1. Search volume – There should be a lot of people looking for your chosen topic. If it doesn’t, it will likely take a long time to attract website traffic.
  2. Positive trend – That topic should be growing more popular as time passes. Take the tokenization example from earlier. It’s a trend, but it’s becoming more popular as the crypto trend spreads worldwide. 

Search intent – You have to confirm the reason why people are looking for your topic. If it changes from time to time, Google can’t tell if it’s true what people want to see. As a result, your search rankings will become erratic too.

2. Optimize for Search Engines

Optimize for search engines

You may start writing once you’ve collected the needed keywords. Here’s how you can optimize your evergreen content for search engines:


  • The title should be SEO-friendly, and make sure they appear as part of your text. 
  • Add relevant outbound links to other websites.
  • Include relevant inbound links to your other content.
  • Use the keywords in the subheading, meta description, title tag, and image alt tag.

You will need to use online tools for this, such as Google Trends. For best results, you may have to pay for services that have more features, such as SEMRush.

3. Write for Readers

This is the most important part of creating evergreen content. Don’t forget that you’re writing for people, not for Google searches. Here’s how you can write for your target audience:


  • Speak with readers – Have you noticed how this article seems to address readers? You should also do the same with your articles.
  • Avoid complicated language – Evergreen content is supposed to appeal to the general public. Don’t try to dazzle them with jargon and buzzwords. Instead, use words that regular people use.
  • Write short paragraphs – We made sure the paragraphs spanned two lines because it’s much easier to read. If we lumped them into five-sentence chunks, you’d see walls of text, and readers will find that difficult to read and go somewhere else.
  • Use bullet points – We also listed multiple related topics as bullet points, so it’s easier to read. Even better, it makes the article look cleaner!
  • Reuse your best articles – Once you’ve posted enough evergreen content, you’ll see that some perform better than others. You could link it to your other posts to post their online traffic.


Other things you should consider when writing your evergreen content:

4. Consistently Update your Evergreen Articles

While writing evergreen content is designed to last, it doesn’t do this itself. As stated before, you have to update the content as more information comes out. This keeps your content fresh and able to help readers as their questions evolve, providing consistent traffic

5. Keep track of SEO Ranking for your Evergreen Content

To keep your content in the top search results, you should keep track of your keywords. Keywords can rise and fall in popularity, meaning that the target keyword in your content may lose traffic. By keeping track, you can find keywords similar to your original and interchange as keyword rankings change. 

How do I promote evergreen content?

How do I promote evergreen content?

No product or service ever sells itself, even evergreen content. If you want people to notice these blogs, you will have to promote them using the following methods:


  • Feature them on your website – First thing you have to do after making your content is show it on your website. Have a blog page so people can easily browse all of them.
  • Email marketing – Contrary to popular belief, this old-school way of online promotion is not junk! You could feature your blogs in the emails so that they can reach more people.
  • Social media marketing – Your brand should be present on at least Facebook or Twitter by now. Then, post your evergreen blogs on those pages. That way, your social media page and the content both increase their traffic.
  • Sponsored content – You may pay other websites to publish your content. Often, it will be formatted as sponsored content, meaning it will look like the native ones on that page. This will help you reach more audiences that frequent that third-party website.


We couldn’t possibly include every way you could promote your content. After all, we see new media channels pop up as time passes, and in turn, those become new ways to promote your blogs.

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Final Thoughts

We simplified the process of creating evergreen content, but it’s more complicated once you start doing it yourself. You will need a lot of time and money for this.

Sometimes, you don’t have any people who can write this type of content. Your marketing team might be too busy, or you simply cannot train them to create it for you.

Fortunately, LeadAdvisors can take care of all your digital marketing needs, from search engine optimization to social media marketing.


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