Benefits of Investing in WordPress To Promote Your Website

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WordPress is an excellent option for those looking for a more long-term solution to their marketing needs. A self-hosted WordPress website allows you the flexibility of having complete control over your content and design without the need to rely on third parties.

Investing in WordPress can also allow you to add video integration or live chat features to give customers a personalized experience they won’t find anywhere else. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why marketers worldwide have chosen this platform to promote their business online!

WordPress is the world’s number one CMS, and for a good reason. Here are 10 reasons why people choose to work with it.

10 Reasons on Why You Should Use WordPress for Website Promotion

WordPress is the world’s number one CMS, and for a good reason. Here are 10 reasons why people choose to work with it.

1. Most Popular Content Management System.

Most Popular Content Management System.

Another factor you need to acknowledge is that WordPress is very popular in the world of blogging. This is the most popular content management system, so 50% of websites run on WordPress. Be part of the league by joining WordPress themes.

2. WordPress Is Free

WordPress Is Free

Another reason why many bloggers prefer using these CMs is that the platform is free. It does not matter whether you are new or experienced in the world of blogging; you will have the privilege of accessing all the available features for free. Even though this might sound like a good thing, do not forget that nobody is legally responsible for keeping WordPress themes running or provide support and updates.

3. Quick And Easy Installation Process 

Quick And Easy Installation Process 

Another benefit of investing in these particular CMS is that the installation process only takes a few minutes. You do not need any guidelines for doing this since it is easy. Moreover, you can also use a script installer such as Softaculous to install WordPress. There is also an option for installing WordPress manually. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Start by downloading WordPress latest version from

  • Create a root folder and upload it

  • After that, create a secured database and do not share the password and username.

  • Access the website URL, where you will find an installation window for the WordPress theme.

  • Follow the steps provided and then enter the details required. And that is it; you are done.

4. Easy To Learn

Another benefit of using premium WordPress is that you can learn how to use this particular system quickly. All you need is basic internet skills, and you are good to go. Furthermore, if you have experience in using MS Word, it will be easier for you to manage and create a WordPress theme post/page. Moreover, the installation of plugins and themes is also easy.

Start by choosing a design for your WordPress Website.

5. Easy To Use And Manage

The WordPress admin panel is creatively designed to be easy to use and manage, even for beginners. That means you will be able to edit/create new posts or pages without facing any problems. Another benefit of using premium WordPress is that installing plugins and themes is also simple.

Examples of popular websites that use WordPress themes are MTV News, Bloomberg, Sony TV, The Newyorker, and BBC America.

6. Variety Of Themes Available on WordPress

Variety Of Themes Available on WordPress

WordPress theme has a variety of themes available, thanks to its big community of developers. Various companies contribute to the world of WordPress themes, such as Colorlip and Themeforest. These players contribute new themes to the site’s repository. Moreover, these themes are offered to premium WordPress users for free. However, some do charge a small fee for the premium version to access more features.

7. Extended Functionality With Added Plugins

Extended Functionality With Added Plugins

Another benefit of using WordPress is that you will always find newly added plugins that support extended functionality. All you have to do is name the function you are interested in, and the WordPress repository will search and find it for you. All this is possible, thanks to companies and the community of developers who create these plugins.

8. Search Engine Optimization Friendly

Search Engine Optimization Friendly

It is easy for search engines to find CMS when investing in WordPress. Many search engines such as Google are familiar with this CMS since it has been around for a long period. You will find SEO services are fully versed in the workings of WordPress. Moreover, various plugins are used to improve SEO on WordPress e-commerce websites.

9. Transfer To A New Server Easily

By investing in WordPress, it is easy to transfer a WordPress website from one server to another because of the database structure and clear files. All you have to do is transfer the database by filling in the details of your database inside a wp-config file.

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10. Fully Customizable

Lastly, WordPress websites are fully customizable. Moreover, you are also given full ownership of the domain, which gives you the privilege of accessing the source code. Even though the admin panel allows you to customize your website fully, you can customize the site to an even greater extent if you are experienced in coding.


If you are looking for an easy way to market your website, investing in WordPress is a great option. We can help you build it and make sure that it’s mobile-friendly as well! For more information on how we can get started with this project, give us a call or send us an email today.0


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