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Business minded people would probably always value money over anything else before investing. But sometimes the true catch is on which you will benefit the most. In the case of sales funnels, as a lot of software and applications offer the service, which is the best and ideal one for you? In this article, we’ll deal with price points, in which the newbie Builderall will be up for Click Funnels. In terms of price points, which is more worth it? And what Builderall has for beginners might just give you good news. Check it out.

Businessman or not, we surely do not want to spend our hard-earned money on something not worth it. Dealing with the business industry can be tough, especially now that online platform has become more convenient and accessible and truly, it is preferred by many. But, how would you know which sales funnel would give your business the right benefit? Two hot applications at the moment: Click Funnels and Builderall.

Whether you’re up to a $29 monthly subscription from Builderall or a $99 monthly subscription from Click Funnels, let’s be real and check the best deal for you. Starting off with Click Funnel.

Click Funnels


Click Funnels started in 2014 and was built by Russell Brunson. Brunson himself is a self-made entrepreneur who started out his career during his college days turning him to the millionaire he is now. Click Funnels, as I see, is made to be an over-all platform you’ll ever be needing for a sales funnel. From building, customizing, marketing funnels, e-mails down to shopping, the platform got you covered.

The uniqueness of Click Funnels which probably why makes it the best funnel builder option is that it can cater many types of business establishments and business persons. The amount you’ll be paying monthly can actually be lesser than paying for a sales funnel application while paying other third party software to cater all your business needs.


Sales Funnels made easy

When using Click Funnels, you are not only getting a sales template but an entire set of funnel templates which includes tripwire funnels, sales letter, product launch and even webinar funnels all under one hood.

Drag and Drop Builder

Another good deal included in the subscription is the convenience of building highly converting landing pages in a few clicks which you can customize on your own landing page design preference.

Automated e-mails and Webinar Funnel

It doesn’t require any third-party application for e-mails or for shopping. Click Funnels has its own line of connections for the said usage – yes, all included in your monthly subscription fee. In addition, it also has the webinar funnels for online marketing niche that makes it more convenient, again, not paying for another third party application.


As I have mentioned earlier, ClickFunnels’ basic costs is at $99 per month and at $297 per month for the full marketing suite. It may be a lot more expensive than Builderall but the number of things and the support Click Funnels’ team offers is a great deal.



Builderall is a younger version compared to Click Funnels which was created in 2016. Now, what makes Builderall a good catch? Well, it will definitely have your heads turned on its interesting funnel creator. Up to date, Builderall has around 40,000 paying members and are doing good in the funnel industry.

And given that it’s a startup, it also has its downsides. Like it doesn’t have a wide database of funnel templates. If you would compare Builderall with Click Funnels, I say you compare its $49.90 package to the $99 package since the $9.90 package from Builderall doesn’t give that much as it is called the lite version only.


HTML5 Site Builder

With Builderall’s drag and drop site builder, you can do everything without the hassle of inputting codes. From landing pages, squeeze pages, bridge pages, responsive designs and mobile friendly sounds.

E-mail Marketing Platform

You can upload your own list of up to 10,000 subscribers to Builderall e-mail too. Also, you’ll be able to develop autoresponder campaigns, apply behaviorial triggers and boost your conversions.

Responsive Website/Blog Builder

As mentioned earlier, you do not have to create a separate design for mobile users. With Builderall’s Responsive Builder, you can create search optimized sites or squeeze pages that doesn’t look awkward at all.

SEO on Page Report Tool

With the use of this tool, it will give you all the information you need to make your page as SEO-friendly as possible, boosting your visits in no time.

Heat Map Tool

To further enhance your website and cater your visitors interest, this tool helps you understand the most clicked areas of your website and it does the job of placing it on call-to-action buttons to boost your sales.


Reiterating what I have explained a while ago, the entry-level plan starts at $9.90 per month, perfect for start-ups and individuals. You can however upgrade to $29.90 and $49.90 calles as digital marketing an Builderall Business respectively.

PROS AND CONS: Click Funnels vs. Builderall

Builderall is a great deal as it is affordable yet powerful. It is also an easy to use, perfect for beginners’ software. As you may see, Builderall is focused on start-up entrepreneurs and business owners to create their own funnels with the integration of third party tools. However, as the price may be one of the determining factors, Builderall’s lite version may carry on glitches from PC to mobile views.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels is like a great catch for its users. With the features, it offers and the amount of money you could actually save from using the software, it seems to be a good deal. However, price wise, the amount might be a lot to give the first time, but ensuring that it is worth it can probably put your mind at ease.

I don’t think it’s worth to crash these funnels head to head. Click Funnels for sure has its premium quality share to its consumers but the price point can be a little difficult to give in. On the other side, Builderall is a good cheaper alternative, well, with less of the features from Click Funnels’ of course.

The choice is up to you, and  up to what your business is trying to achieve. One thing’s for sure, both software is good to go and help you.


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