7 Best Lead Generation Tools For Better Sponsored Content

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Content marketing is one of the fastest ways to bring more visitors to build brand awareness. With quality content, like sponsored content that answers questions potential customers are searching for, businesses thrive with high traffic to their websites and significant boosts in their sales.

But how do these businesses keep track of their sponsored content’s success?

While creating content is a great way to bring more leads to your brand, it’s important to keep track of what content works, what doesn’t, and your leads’ overall response. You can use lead generation tools to monitor and improve your sponsored content and generate leads.

Sponsored content and marketing automation can take your campaign to the next level!

We’ll explain how the best lead generation tools can help you with sponsored content. Since there are many options, we’ll show the must-have features for your lead generation tools. Even better, we’ll suggest some of the top lead generation tools available. Finally, we’ll point out the best ones for your sponsored content.

Take time to learn how lead generation tools can boost your sponsored content. That way, you can see how these services help in generating leads. They can help convert leads, capture leads, send targeted emails, track lead data, and so much more.

Marketing automation lets you take your sponsored content and overall marketing to the next level!


●     OptinMonster: Best On-page Lead Generation Tool

●     LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Best Inbound Lead Generation Tool

●     Buzzbuilder: Best Outbound Lead Generation Tool

●     Leadformly: Best CRO Tool for Maximum Leads

●     ActiveCampaign: Best Email Marketing Tool

●     SEMRush: Best Search Marketing Tool

●     Hull.io: Best Marketing Management Tool

What Makes a Good Lead Generation Tool For Sponsored Content?

blog-sponsore-articleThe internet lets billions of people from around the globe meet. As a result, most businesses use digital marketing to extract leads in cyberspace.

Nearly every brand has a profile on social media platforms. What’s more, they help each other grow by posting sponsored content from other businesses.

You can’t generate leads online just by yourself, as you can imagine. Thankfully, you can choose the best lead generation tools to assist your marketing campaign.

Otherwise known as marketing automation tools, these facilitate digital marketing campaigns. A lead generation tool can produce more leads, bring new leads to your website, qualify leads, and track lead data. They have a bunch of features that could aid in their various aspects.

A single Google search can suggest hundreds of lead generation tools. If you’re not careful, you may pay for services that don’t fit your marketing plans.

In turn, you should be aware of the characteristics your choice should possess. There are four things your lead generation tool should have:


As a business owner, your time is mainly dedicated to improving and managing your company. You don’t have time to learn technical know-how such as coding.

That’s why your lead generation tools should be easy to use. Choose the ones that offer the best features while keeping the user experience simple.

What’s more, the user interface shouldn’t be cluttered with numerous options and menus. Instead, the UI should keep them out of sight unless you select them.


Man typing on computer with gear illustrations aboveDigital marketing has several aspects to manage, monitor, and improve. Juggling all these parts requires multiple software and online services.

That’s why your lead generation tools should connect to your software solutions. Your choice must be able to adjust to the software and online services you’re using.

For example, your lead generation software should allow your sponsored content to function on other websites. If not, they may become a hassle instead.


You can find a lot of free lead generation tools online. The best ones charge for their services and features as you’d expect.

Know your marketing needs and match them to the best lead generation tools. They should have all the functions useful for your campaign.

Of course, the lead generation tool should fit the company budget. Weigh your options carefully to get the most out of your lead generation tool.


Lead generation tools can help your marketing campaign in several ways. For example, these services help you gather contact information, like lead forms.

Also, these could turn decision-makers into potential purchase-makers. What’s more, they let you track your campaign’s progress in real-time.

You should choose the option that fits your brand goals. You don’t want to spend on additional features that you don’t need!

Types of Lead Generation Tools

Lead generation graphicThere are many moving parts to a marketing campaign. For instance, businesses post sponsored content on numerous websites while improving the ones on the homepage.

As a result, there are multiple kinds of lead generation tools. Each is designed for a specific part of your marketing campaign:


Helps attract more leads to your website by providing page builders


Reels in more new leads to your website and other channels


Helps detect leads and send messages on email, calls, and other channels

CRO Tools

Increases the number of users converted into leads

Email Marketing Tools

Helps nurture email and generate new leads along the sales funnel

Search Marketing Tools

Boosts organic and paid search traffic while generating additional on-site leads

Marketing Management Tools

Measures and maximizes lead generation and improves lead quality.

Check your campaign for areas for improvement. Then, match them with the most suitable lead generation tools online.

What Kind of Lead Generation Tools Are Best For Sponsored Content?

blog-trade-advertiseIf you need help with sponsored content, you may want to hire online influencers. They are charismatic and talented people who have millions of social media followers.

They’re present on the major ones like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Influencers can promote your goods and services to their multi-million followers.

Influencer marketing is so effective that more businesses adopt it to their campaign. People trust influencers more than traditional ads, allowing them to boost a brand’s public perception.

What’s more, it lets your marketing spread naturally and quickly on the internet. After an influencer promotes a product, it may attract numerous shares and likes.

Even better, each social media site now has a lead generation tool. This allows businesses to benefit further from these websites.As a result, you should use their tools for sponsored content. These let you use the latest trend in marketing by boosting your own.

List of Best Lead Generation Tools to Use

Like notifications on phoneAs we’ve said, you should use the top lead generation software tools that suits your needs, whether your goal is to generate leads or want to create lead capture forms. Each type is intended for different aspects of your digital marketing campaign.

On-page types of lead generation tools allow you to attract more website visitors. They could also boost your conversion rate by turning them into actual customers.

Outbound marketing involves the old lead generation strategy of sending cold emails. Also, inbound marketing further assists in gathering high-quality leads.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools urge visitors to perform specific actions, such as clicking on sponsored content or filling out landing pages. In turn, they could improve your entire marketing campaign.

Email marketing lets you guide customers along your sales funnel. It involves sending targeted messages to promote specific customer actions.

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your brand show on top of online search results. As a result, people are more likely to choose your products and services.

Lastly, marketing management tools unify every part of your marketing campaign. They also help you manage sponsored content and other channels effectively.

1. OptinMonster: Best On-page Lead Generation Tool

For the best lead form builders, check out OptinMonster. It lets you create popups and overlays without any technical skills.

The drag-and-drop builder lets you craft landing pages easily. Plop down images, buttons, videos, and other elements with ease using the landing page builder.

OptinMonster enables you to target your campaigns accurately in several ways. What’s more, the site offers seamless integration with multiple platforms.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Best Inbound Lead Generation Tool

LinkedIn login pageThe LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you capture business-to-business (B2B) sales leads. It provides various sales tools such as CRM integration and automated lead generation.

Its data can be imported into your preferred CRM, so your sales team and marketing team can better manage the sales pipeline. Also, it can help you reach new connections outside your direct network.

However, it requires paid subscription plans. B2B businesses may choose from business, sales, and enterprise plans to meet varying marketing needs.

3. Buzzbuilder: Best Outbound Lead Generation Tool

Outbound marketing mainly involves sending emails to prospective customers. This can be challenging since you’ll need to sift through numerous contacts and send them messages.

Fortunately, outbound lead generation tools like  Buzzbuilder can help you send the right emails to each customer. It can analyze how they behave on your website, then estimate their interest in your brand, giving you target leads ready to become paying customers.

It can help create personalized emails and send them to your prospects. It could also follow up with another email after a set period.

4. Leadformly: Best CRO Tool for Maximum Leads

Most businesses use sponsored content to lead website visitors to their products page. Unfortunately, the web forms inside could put them off.

Leadformly can help you create and improve your web forms. If visitors frequently leave at a specific part of the form, the tool can notify you.

What’s more, it can suggest how you can improve your web form. When website visitors leave while filling out email addresses, the lead generator tool may recommend removing or editing the part.

5. ActiveCampaign: Best Email Marketing Tool

Person opening emails on iPadDigital marketing has changed significantly, but companies still send emails to potential customers. Of course, you can’t send all those messages by yourself!

Fortunately, ActiveCampaign can assist your email marketing campaigns. It can sift through your email list and send the appropriate message for each client, whether targeted leads or consistent customers.

Even better, this email marketing tool lets you test out your emails. It enables split testing of your emails to determine which A/B tests work best.

6. SEMRush: Best Search Marketing Tool

You could adjust your company’s SEO using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is one of the best free tools, though premium services do cost. However, you need to understand your competitors to improve your marketing campaign further.

Studying their sponsored content and other marketing materials simply won’t cut it. Fortunately, SEMRush can help you track the marketing strategies of other companies.
This tool can suggest top-ranking keywords and show the ones used by competitors. It could also track user feedback, providing better insights into the market.

7. Hull.io: Best Marketing Management Tool

As we’ve said, digital marketing covers multiple channels. Besides your homepage content, your strategy should use sponsored content, email marketing, and other tactics.

Managing all these moving parts can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Hull.io can put all those pieces into a unified marketing campaign.

The marketing management tool can help you organize data from multiple channels. Even better, it serves as a hub for your marketing team and their tools.

Final Thoughts

People reviewing business statisticsAn effective digital marketing strategy involves multiple tactics. For example, businesses post editorial content for their homepage, but they have sponsored content on other sites.

Thankfully, there are online tools designed for each aspect of your campaign. Some offer free trials, but you need to shell out funds for the best options.

Check other services outside our suggestions, like Intercom, Drift, Hubspot, Voila Norbert, and Hunter. Specifically, WordPress has great plugins and templates.

Try including more features like bots for live chat. Your campaign should use different methods like sponsored articles, Google ads, and pop-ups.

You’ll need a lot of time planning all this, however. Also, an effective digital marketing campaign requires a team of experts with the best lead generation tools.

Even better, you could outsource to the best digital marketing agencies like LeadAdvisors. We can provide all your marketing campaign needs.
From the best experts to the necessary tools, LeadAdvisors can handle your marketing needs.
We can take care of your campaign while you take charge of your business.


A lead generation campaign is the process that generates leads by gathering attention for a specific product or service.

Examples of lead generation include content, blog posts, live chat, and coupons. Anything that can capture leads for your brand or business can be a lead generator.

The lead generation funnel is the 3 step process leads go through as they convert from just a visitor to a paying customer.

Sponsored content requires you to make connections with publishers and business within and outside of your industry, which can be a tedious process. LeadAdvisors is a content marketing agency that create content for you and send it to the top publishers online. [Come take a look at how we can turn your business into a marketing success!]
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